spring is about action

spring is effort: growth is a fight

a handful of seeds is a savings account, a jar full of coins is a fallow field — is next year’s harvest

spring is the championship season, rooting for the future

spring is a coil ready to jump up…

being seen, part 2

when i first moved to kansas city (missouri not kansas) in the mid-90s, a group of women who were a decade or more my senior took me into the hull of their ship: a lesbian vessel captained by strong, yet tired women, who had been weathering the stormy seas of…

the start of something big #persist2017

“The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house.” — Audre Lorde

As I drove home from UC Riverside last night, I could just make out the Man in the Moon squinting down from behind clouds that seemed strangely out of place above my stomping grounds: Southern California’s Inland Empire…

after yet another horrific national tragedy that could have been prevented by common sense gun regulations — but will simply be rushed into the past, forgotten until the next one — all i can do is apologize for ever using the phrase: fight for the little guy.

by having used…

being seen, part 1: why i protest

art by emmanuelle moureaux

why do you march? what do you have to protest for?

these questions, in their many forms, are something i’ve been asked often since the women’s march. & the simplicity of questions like these can stump the strongest of us, rooted as we are in the knowledge that the movement…

we lived in a small wyoming town &

the neighbors were nice until you played too loudly

or ran across their yard caught up in hide & seek or kick the can

& then it’s not that you're just some dumb kid

it’s that you’re some dumb mexican

some half-breed

who is contaminated by the half that isn’t theirs

like it’s a chess game they’d never actually be able to win

because obvs yin & yang is right out their door

& you know that the dumb one is always the one

who says chilly relayno but works awful hard to




unfamous twin

heart like the prairie, head like the concrete.™

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